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Lamu island is recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. It holds a lot of history dating back to the 14th century and is a popular tourist destination in Kenya with one of the best sunsets you will see. The narrow streets of Lamu make it the only town in Kenya with no vehicles. Primarily, the means of transport used to be donkeys, but in recent times, motorbikes are allowed. The architecture of Lamu is reminiscent of the Swahili-style building using coral and limestones, which makes the houses on this island hundreds of years old. Further, maybe 200 metres from the shores of the Indian Ocean lies the Andavelo house.


Andavelo house is a few hundred years old and recently restored to its current state. The house has several rooms with a common seating area for the guests and staff who make meals and are very helpful throughout your stay. With early arrangements, they can pick you up from the Manda bay airport with a boat and drop you back at the airport.


Entering the main door of Andavelo directly ahead is the kitchen with all the standard amenities. Here, you can make your meals, or the full-time staff on the premises can be of service. The common area has enough space for all the guests to sit while still being private. The first dining table near the kitchen seats five people with the Swahili house styling. The furniture is made of hardwood with the same design accents throughout the space. Another dining table provides even more space to share a meal. Several other common area seats are made of stones with cushions for even more seating. This house was designed to offer utmost relaxation, and the open roof design lets in a lot of light and a cool breeze since Lamu is a hot and humid region.



In the middle of the premise, a tiny pool historically was how the Swahili would build their houses to provide a quick relaxed deep any time of the day. The swimming pool has flowers that make it feel connected to the nature outside and a reminder that you are on the coast. There is a massage room available for guests throughout the day. The coral stones smoothened with soapstone add to the Andavelo house’s beauty.


The steps lead you to your rooms, and the design accents are consistent throughout the house. The rooms are spacious, and the high ceiling makes the room feel spacious. The window spaces are open with no glass or barrier, letting in fresh air throughout the day. The roof fans add to make the rooms cool. The bed in the room is nothing short of magnificent. They resemble the beds a wealthy Swahili house would have with their high legs and a side stool to get on it. The room has a partitioned section with a desk and chair for working or a makeup desk. The walls have curved storage spaces, which are consistent throughout the area. The toilet and bathroom are spacious, and the sink and shower have goldish accents that complete the room’s look.



The Andavelo house is nothing short of a near-perfect stay on Lamu island. The rooftop access adds to the visit, providing a place to relax as you look at the dhows sailing or the busy island going on with its day.

Andavelo house is a highly recommended stay whenever you visit Lamu.




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