Champagne ridge stunning Airbnb in Kenya

Recently, rift valley escarpments have become popular, with hotels and Airbnb’s built to take advantage of the expansive views of the rift valley floor. Near to Nairobi, in Kajiado, the now famously known champagne ridge offers some of the best Airbnb and homestays in Kenya. They range from tiny houses to big homestays along the escarpment. One of such spaces is the Champagne Ridge Escape.


The roof has plants growing, and the wall colours match the ground. The Champagne ridge escape perfectly blends with nature from the outside.
Neatly arranged cabro blocks lead you to the main door, a double door that opens up to an expansive space. The glass walls let in a lot of light and give you a glimpse of the rift valley with its many hills and valleys.

The house has two hallways on the left and right from the main door, leading you to the bedrooms, but straight ahead is a spacious seating room and dining area. There is no shortage of space to sit and relax, and from whatever room you are in, the enormous glass walls give you a chance to catch the landscape views of the rift valley.

Straight ahead when you enter the house is a reception area that can also be used as a working area for moments when you need to focus. The simple furniture and artwork on the wall create a relaxed ambience for conversations, and the sliding doors give you quick access to the outdoors.
The dining table is neatly arranged next to the seating room and perfectly seats eight people, the maximum occupancy for the space with its four bedrooms. The decor throughout the house is modern, with abstract designs all around the house.

The living room area has an even bigger seating space and fireplace to keep you warm during cold nights. The large glass doors give you access to the balcony, which has even more seats, and you can see the great rift valley’s expanse. It’s a geological marvel, stretching miles to South Africa and up from Egypt. You get to see the entire house from one view from the balcony with all the glass walls and doors that make it breathtaking.



Back into the house, the kitchen is directly in front of the living room; you get to catch the views outside from here. The kitchen has all the standard amenities for making your meals, but the housekeepers are also available if needed. This living area makes for great stories with friends and provides a fantastic getaway.

The hallways lead to the bedrooms, with two bedrooms on both sides. The master bedrooms are the same, and so are the regular bedrooms. The long hallway to the bedrooms gives the much-needed privacy away from the seating room. All the bedrooms are ensuite and spacious. The first bedroom has a huge king-sized bed with glass windows that let in a lot of light. The furniture complements the space with a working desk tucked in the corner next to the enormous glass windows. The sliding doors give you access to your outdoor seating space overlooking the valley. The washrooms are spacious, and even from here, you can view the outside. This house is all about the views outside, and we can’t stop talking about them.

The primary bedroom is where the whole architecture of this space comes to life. It’s possible to be in this bedroom and not need to leave it even once because it is stunning.
The enormous bedroom has a lot of space fitted with a queen-sized bed. The furniture is minimal, with the side lamps creating the perfect ambience. A working desk beside the glass windows provides excellent views, and the blinds offer privacy when necessary. The sliding doors give you access to your private balcony, and here you can relax while reading a book or just staring at nature. It is easy to spot wildlife like Dickdicks and antelopes that come close to the home in the morning. Back to the house is one of the best bathrooms yet. First is a spacious cabinet to keep clothes, and next is the bathroom. Again, there is no compromise on space, but unlike the smaller bedrooms, the master bedrooms have a bathtub next to the windows, which is striking. The round mirror is neatly placed on the sink, giving a visual break from the abstract.



On the other side of the hallway, we see another identical bedroom like the first one, and next to the bedroom is another similar primary one. The bedroom layout gives the house the most privacy and provides the ambience for a relaxing getaway.

From the font, we get to see the whole house in one view, and without a doubt, the champagne ridge escape is a getaway space that you will want to keep coming back to visit.




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