Lions cave camp – mini glamping in Samburu

Lions cave camp is a magnificent destination next to river Ewaso Nyiro in Samburu county. River Ewaso Nyiro cuts across several national parks and reserves like the Buffalo springs, Samburu national reserve and Shaba national reserve. The river shores provide some of the most spectacular wildlife viewings in Kenya, with hundreds of elephants, zebras, and lions, among other animals making their way to the river.


Lions cave camp is close to Archer’s post, a small town, a few minutes drive to the gates of all the three national parks and reserves close to the river. The campsite is owned by Daniel and Roseline Letoiye, who come from the Samburu community, which makes them well-versed in the whole area.The luxury tented camps within the camp are neat and spacious, with a view of the river Ewaso Nyiro. They have an open water closet and washroom, which adds to the experience of being connected with nature. The lack of electricity adds to the tranquillity of the location, making it a place to get lost in thoughts as you marvel at the crocodiles that swim in the river with occasional gusts of wind. There is a restaurant within site on top of a cliff overlooking the river. Here, you can get to socialize with the owners of the campsite as well as other visitors as the river flows below. There is a small walkway that gives you access to the river, and you can go right next to it, accompanied by one of the local rangers who are well versed with the positioning of the crocodiles.

Because of the low light pollution common in most northern parts of Kenya, clear nights offer good star viewing.



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