We work for you business

We create high quality 360 degrees content fully integrated into Google maps and Youtube to showcase your business.


Showcase your business through professional looking photos that are authentic and of high quality. We also do aerial photography where applicable.


By the year 2019, more than 90% of media content consumption will be through videos. We help you create stunning looking videos that showcase your business including aerial views with a compelling story.

Virtual Tours

With the breakthrough in virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, virtual tours make clients feel like they are actually there and with this, we push to have all our listings have a full 360 degrees photo or video. Nothing showcases a location better than virtual tours. If you have used Google maps in Kenya, you probably have used one of our 360 degrees pictures, which have over 600k views.

Why choose us?

Anyone can Google where to go Kayaking in Kenya, but that will involve searching the terms, trying to find the best information from multiple websites, trying to view pictures that aren’t of good quality & before finishing, a facebook notification will appear and a potential client will drop his or her plans.

We want to solve this by integrating all fun activities someone can do around Kenya, easily filtered with location & whatever kind of activity interested in. 

This is the first of its kind directory offering such a service & we intend to make sure we create high quality content to showcase the same.


Free listings

Our directory is completely free. If your business isn’t already listed, kindly fill our listing form in the link below in details & we will list it in no time.

Custom media solutions

Is your business listed with us? Good. How about we create a professional advert for it that you can also share with your own audience & make it even more effective.

We offer:

  • professional normal & drone photography
  • 360 degrees photos and videos.
  • Virtual tours of your business.

There are not so many options in quality content & therefore our pricing has only 2 options. With 360 degrees photos and videos or without. Everything else in terms of how we create the content or quality shot remains to be of the highest quality we can possibly achieve.