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Mar 14
Andavelo house Lamu Airbnb

Lamu island is recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. It holds a lot of history dating back to the 14th century and is a popular tourist destination in Kenya with one of the best sunsets you will see. The narrow streets of Lamu make it the only town in Kenya with no vehicles. Primarily, […]

Mar 14
Lions cave camp – mini glamping in Samburu

Lions cave camp is a magnificent destination next to river Ewaso Nyiro in Samburu county. River Ewaso Nyiro cuts across several national parks and reserves like the Buffalo springs, Samburu national reserve and Shaba national reserve. The river shores provide some of the most spectacular wildlife viewings in Kenya, with hundreds of elephants, zebras, and […]

Mar 14
Champagne ridge stunning Airbnb in Kenya

Recently, rift valley escarpments have become popular, with hotels and Airbnb’s built to take advantage of the expansive views of the rift valley floor. Near to Nairobi, in Kajiado, the now famously known champagne ridge offers some of the best Airbnb and homestays in Kenya. They range from tiny houses to big homestays along the […]

Mar 14
Sleeping in the manyattas in Eliye springs

The Turkana tribe, found in Northern Kenya, have been predominantly harders moving from one location to another in search of greener pastures for their livestock. This has been common throughout Africa with communities living in desert-like areas. Due to this way of living, the type of houses they built for centuries has been a design […]

Mar 21
Kenya Roadtrip | Driving from Homabay to Mount Elgon

Day 4   2nd Jan 2021   In the morning, still in Homabay town,  a mosque decided to be the alarm. Coming to think of it, I had the worst sleep in homabay. Maybe after a few days staying there I would have become numb to the noise but luckily morning came and we were […]

Mar 21
Visiting Mt.Suswa​, MaasaiMara​ and Thimlich​ Ohinga

    I went on a 29 days epic trip around Kenya. A trip I could never imagine to do so soon or any time soon. It has always been my dream in life to visit each and every African country but before I get to do that, I had to first travel to every […]

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We traveled almost the entire Kenya in 29 days.

I ended up being arrested and sleeping in a cell in Mandera. Theres a reason why people avoid travelling to North Eastern Kenya.

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Hiking and camping 2000m high on one of Kenya's most stunning mountains.

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Scotland travel documentary. Visiting over 40 locations.

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