An open source photography project

Photographing hundreds of wildlife species in their element, in the wild. 

My name is Nahashon Diaz, a Kenyan born in Mombasa but stayed most of my life in Nairobi. I have extensively travelled around Kenya in search of adventures and successfully travelled to all the 47 counties in Kenya. My travels have taken me to the top of Mount Elgon and the depths of Marafa hells kitchen, also referred to as Kenya’s grand canyon. I have toured Naivasha’s safety and gone on extreme road trips touring ‘dangerous’ areas of Mandera, a border town with Somalia. These, among other trips, have made me passionate about travelling and wanting to showcase all that our country offers. 

Pictures and videos tell stories in ways no other media can. Unfortunately, most of these are behind paywalls with complex license agreements hence the motivation for this project that aims at releasing hundreds if not thousands of photos and videos for free to the public. These can help with research, businesses can use the images, and students can have reference materials readily available, among other uses. 

The main goal will be to start with photographing hundreds of animal species around Kenyan national parks. There is an ongoing trend of dwindling numbers of wildlife in Kenya and worldwide. Every year, even more animals enter the endangered list as other species move into the critically endangered, on the verge of becoming extinct. This project is about highlighting wildlife in its purest form in their environments. Through this project, we hope to spark interest in conservation by showcasing the state of national parks and sharing our experiences as we go deep into the forests to photograph these animals. Moving from different points, we will also be able to document the state of towns as they currently are, the foods that people eat and other cultures authentically and respectfully. 

Your support in helping us raise funds will help us realize this goal and will be highly appreciated as we do our part in conservation and highlighting points of interest. 

Gear needed
  • Osmo pocket 2 creator combo
    USD 499
  • Insta 360 One RS twin edition
    USD 599
  • Insta 360 extra long pole
    USD 70
  • Two - Sony Alpha 7 iv
    USD 4996
  • Tamron 35-150mm f2/2.8
    USD 2199
  • Sony Fe 200-600mm f5.6-6.3G
    USD 1998
  • Lens extension tube
    USD 40
  • Sigma 16mm f1.4
    USD 369
  • Four Micro SD cards 256GB
    USD 148
  • Four Sony batteries
    USD 280
  • -
  • Car rental + fuel for 30 days
    USD 4500
  • All Park entry charges
    USD 600
  • Other living expenses
    USD 2100
  • -
  • TOTAL budget estimate
    USD 18410


Most frequent questions and answers

We will upload hundreds, if not thousands of high quality images and videos that will be available to download and be used royalty free meaning you can use them for your business, print, wallpaper, etc.

There will be both RAW and Jpeg images available for download. 

Videos will be uploaded in both 4k 30fps and 60fps. 

The focus is on wildlife but nothing is stopping us from taking pictures and videos of foods, towns, people and everything in between while moving from one point to another. 

Select images will be made into an ebook which you will receive for free with details on the locations and interesting stories accompanying the shoot. 

Yes. As a youtube creator, a lot of the shoot will be documented online for youtube in vlog format accompanied by a full documentary on the project. 

Feel free to reach out via mail on or whatsapp 0798562870