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Feb 26
The Complicated Kenyan Music Scene of Gengetone

Africa has had a silent rise in music over the past few years and the younger generations are forging new sounds. South Africa had Nqom and now it has Amapiano. Nigeria has a new sound called Alté which is short form of Alternative. Central Africa countries have what they call Afro Congo which is the […]

Dec 26
Nairobi to Nanyuki Train Ride (2021)

Nairobi to Nanyuki After more than 20 years of not being operational, the train from Nairobi to Nanyuki was revived and launched on December 11th with its first public users making the trip on Friday 18th. The train line , commonly known as Mwisho wa reli because it terminates at the end of the Eastern […]

Aug 28
Travelling from Nairobi to Garissa and Wajir by Bus -Experience

(This is a transcript from the video linked below) Take a minute and google Garissa, Wajir and Mandera and you will find several negative stories about the area from terrorist attacks to road accidents. But this is not that type of video. Being like most Nairobians, I didnt know anything good about the areas and […]

Aug 25
What is Nairobi Point Zero?

Welcome to this new pilot episode of a new series called “The story behind….” this will be short episodes aimed at exploring not so popular landmarks and just general information on nice places to discover.Today, we are exploring this simple monument called Galton-Fenzi memorial which is right in the middle of Nairobi town. If I […]

Aug 24
SGR Seating arrangement

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT SGR CUSTOMER SERVICE. For any inquiries related to bookings, visit the official SGR website.    When booking the SGR, it is unfortunate you cannot choose a seat you need online unless you physically go to the SGR offices. Because of this, it’s hard to know which side you will be […]

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We traveled almost the entire Kenya in 29 days.

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Scotland travel documentary. Visiting over 40 locations.

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