Five things to consider when looking for hotels in Kenya

Travelling around Kenya is possible using a private car or, if more adventurous, public transport. This ease of access to different locations has enabled accommodations of varying budgets to book your stays quickly. Here are five quick ways and tips for booking a stay whenever you are travelling around Kenya.

Probably the leading hotel booking site in the world, is just as efficient in booking a stay in Kenya. With the app, you can view the location of a hotel and secure it from the website or reserve a visit. In some areas, booking and making payments when you arrive at the premises is possible.


2. Airbnb

Superb Airbnb accommodations spread across the country are easy to access. Using the Airbnb app or website, just like, you can reserve your stay and pay using supported credit cards.


3. Walk-in to book

Many budget accommodations are not on online platforms across Kenya. Let that not scare you since almost every town in Kenya has neat accommodations that cost as low as eight dollars per night with good security, a comfortable bed and hot water showers.


4. Review comments on Google maps and Tripadvisor

When in doubt about a destination, TripAdvisor and google maps are often used by locals who will leave a comment based on their experience. Tripadvisor and will have different perspectives based on local and foreign visitors, making it easy to decide on a location if you are not a local.


5. Camping and car rooftop tents as an alternative to hotels

We have reviewed several camping destinations across Kenya if you are feeling adventurous. Camping offers you a more intimate experience with a location, and all national parks in Kenya have public camping spaces. Several other camping grounds are fully equipped with facilities like washrooms with hot water and restaurants, which help provide a good experience. Camping gear and car rentals with rooftop tents are also readily available in most parts of the country.




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