Treehouse Airbnb in Naivasha Kenya

Tree houses are not that popular in Kenya, so having one less than five minutes from Naivasha town is a rare treat. Situated on top of a hill, the Naivasha tree house on Airbnb accommodates up to five people. The design of the tree house stands out compared to the other more traditional structured dwellings surrounding it. The tree house has two floors, with the ground floor being a seating area good for conversations with friends and family. The bathroom is on the ground floor and spacious enough with an outdoor feel. When you take the steps up the house, the room is spacious with a bed and a working area. There is a toilet on this floor which is quite a unique experience with its placement. The tiny balcony gives you a view of the front garden. It was possible to see Lake Naivasha from this point, but the view has recently been obstructed with lush green tree covers, which is welcomed. A small step goes to the makeshift beds, which accommodate an additional four people. On a windy day, the creeks from the structure remind you that it’s an actual treehouse.


At night, the ferry lights on the ground floor add to the ambience of the tree house, giving it a calming look. There is a restaurant just a few metres from the treehouse where you can have food and an additional seating area. The compound has enough outdoor seating areas to relax. There is a sizable swimming pool behind the treehouse, which makes the treehouse a destination you can enjoy for both short-term and long-term stays.
Within the compound, a larger maisonette house accommodates many more people and can be booked separately. There are also small rooms available for booking. All of these are within one large compound that is spacious enough, still giving you privacy despite the several accommodations options.



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